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"Educate, Empower, and Enable India"

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Women’s Empowerment Volunteering Projects in India

Programs Facts

India is a fantastic destination for anyone seeking a truly unique and new experience. India has it all on offer - from some of the world's most impressive natural biodiversity in its bustling and productive cities. Kenosis’s programs in India offer something for every curious traveler, with the opportunity to give back to India's under-served populations.


Volunteers must apply for Women’s empowerment program at least 1-2 months in advance so they may be given enough time for their visas to be processed. Once arriving in India, volunteers will fly into the Bangalore International Airport and may then be placed in Bangalore city, Karnataka or the town of Hosur (25 kms from Bangalore) or rural district of Tamilnadu (85 kms from Bangalore) for their program. The length of this project is a minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum of 12 weeks, in which volunteers will assist local staff in Women’s empowerment, and Microfinance and microcredit programs.   This project aims to educate, empower and enable women and teenagers to build self confidence and stronger with developing fundamental socioeconomic skills to lead their life with dignity in a male dominated society.

Description of Projects

Living in a male-dominated society, some women (young) in India are illiterate and lack the opportunities to develop this (and other) fundamental skills. You will work in one of the centres designed to help educate, assist and help them lead their lives with dignity in a male-dominated society.

Kenosis focus is to empowerment of women in groups through skills training, income generating programs, and micro-credit and microfinance initiatives. The Kenosis and our local NGO is looking for volunteers who are interested in working with local women’s groups to assist deprived teenage girls and women to improve their self–confidence by helping them improve their literacy and IT skills. You can teach and enhance their knowledge of the English language, listening, reading, writing and speaking skills, teach them about computers and how to operate them, teach about the world, cultures, food and general knowledge, teach them about basic personal health and hygiene, communicable and non-communicable diseases, you may enhance their skill and confidence with other fun creative ideas.


You can be a leader, mentor and guide to teach maths and counting money, book keeping, open bank accounts in the local cooperative banks, helping the distribution of loans to members of the group, collection of repayment of loans and depositing their monthly savings in the bank, updating and managing MIS, and visit for families and counselling in the local areas.  You may have a chance visiting rehabilitation centres and working with legal and rights of women related to domestic and various abuses and violence against women, property dispute, and work with local police, creating awareness among women and communities.

Living in a male-dominated society, some girls in India are illiterate and lack the opportunities to develop this (and other) fundamental skills. The minimum required commitment time for the Women’s Empowerment program is four weeks. Volunteers do not need specific skills and/or past experience to participate in this program.


Volunteer tasks

  • Teach independently or with a partner in small groups, teach English, IT or job skills e.g. CV or job searching,

  • Be a friend & role model, share experiences and skills with the ladies

  • You can teach basic maths, English, report writing, record keeping, health and hygiene awareness, summer and health camps and visiting local families.

  • As a Microfinance intern in India, you will work with local entrepreneurs and help them build a profitable and sustainable small business by giving them training in basic business accounting.

  • Work alongside local staff to help provide local people with the skills and financial assistance needed to start a business.

  • Assist local entrepreneurs in starting their own businesses and building sustainable futures for themselves and their communities.

  • Empower women and young people in rural district and urban communities through education and confidence-building activities.


Basic Requirements

  • You can travel as an intern abroad at any time of the year, for as long as you want

  • You can use your experience for university credit if you are in school or university. We recommend speaking to a school advisor about this

  • Your focus is on gaining experience and skills, so most of our Intern Abroad programs do not require previous experience

  • You will take on an active role in your placement and observe the challenges faced when interning abroad

  • Desire to teach adults and adolescent girls, be enthusiastic and friendly and cultural awareness and sensitivity


Benefits of volunteering

  • As an intern abroad, you have the opportunity to boost your resume, gain new skills and practical experience, and engage in meaningful cultural exchange.

  • In addition to your personal and professional growth, an international internship will also allow you to contribute to sustainable development and bring a more cross-cultural understanding to the world.

  • Volunteers learn so much about their daily lives and Indian culture, forming mutual understandings, friendships and fond memories.

  • You will gain an insight into the process of developing small businesses such as Candle, incense making etc.

  • Gain important skills and have a lasting impact as a Microfinance intern abroad.

  • Internships abroad in Business focus on various fields including accounting, marketing, human resources, public relations, and more.

  • Interns gain skills, knowledge, and experience essential to their future career.

  • Weekends and general state public holidays are yours. You are free to plan your trips and explore Indian culture, festivals and new locations across India.


Please contact us, if you have any questions or concerns in regards to our volunteer projects in India, we will respond as soon as possible!


Apply now if you are ready to join us and volunteer in India!

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