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"Educate, Empower, and Enable India"

Mobile : (+91) 9900724842                                                       Skype ID: kenosis.org                                                 E-Mail: kenosisfoundation@yahoo.com

What We Do

We identify poorest of the poor rural villages and work for causes ranging from child welfare, health and education, economic empowerment for women, creating employment opportunities for dropout and underprivileged youths, health and hygiene in communities and schools, After School Programs, Women Self Help Groups (SHG’s), Teach English and Computer, Bio-organiz forming, Animal healthcare, Solidwaste management, building and renovation of beneficiaries homes and schools, life skills education in rural villages and schools, Renovation of beneficiaries house and construction of toilet, women's empowerment and empowering women to start self business and income generating (IGP) activities.  Kenosis is committed to breaking the cycle of poverty in rural India.


Kenosis in India is a donation platform that allows you to support a cause  of your choice that has been scrutinized for transparency and credibility.


We do not raise funds for ourselves. We help you donate to a few of our direct community based projects, to make a real difference in India. We tell you exactly where your money goes and provide proof through a feedback report.  We ensure that 90% of your contribution reaches the cause of your choice.

We are a growing organization at all levels. And, so, we indeed request your generous supports as volunteers, donations, financial contributions and otherwise.  We are looking for reliable partners to achieve new Millennium Development Goals (MDG) through small investments in all our projects in India.


You can make a huge difference, by the simple act of giving!


If you are interested to travel abroad and give back to society, you can Apply Now to volunteer, or intern for credit purpose.


Any other questions, please contact us at kenosisfoundation@yahoo.com