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"Educate, Empower, and Enable India"

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Vision, Mission and Values

Our Mission:

  • To promote efficient and effective giving that provides greater opportunities to the poorest of the poor, living in extreme poverty, by providing the tools necessary to step-by-step, break the cycle of generational poverty in India.


Our Vision:

  • A world without poverty, patriarchy and injustice in which every person enjoys the right to life with dignity.


Our Beliefs and Approaches:

As a value-led organization, we stand for many things, we run on essential values such as:

  • Focus on the poorest areas–All that Kenosis does is directed towards improving the lives of our 'real customer'- the poorest of the poor, where no NGOs or private organizations or groups worked before or exist till date.

  •  Being Responsible –for oneself and society. We live to create a safe place, peace and harmony;

  • Constantly Innovating – the methodology and approach to develop remote communities;

  • Providing a Trusted Service – serving all without discrimination of colour, religion and language;

  • Dignity and equity – my rights, your rights, and for all of us!

  • Striving for Awesomeness – inspiring youths by being a part of making the change;

  • Inherit and foster other cultures – fostering, empathetic listening, living in the present with compassionate hearts;

  • Sustainability – individual and in the community through constant economic empowerment,

  • Passion – for the development of human dignity;

  • Accountability and transparency– for resources and the utilization of funds for designated purpose only.

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Do you want to travel abroad, volunteer or intern abroad in India with Kenosis Foundation?


We offer overseas voluntary work placements including teaching, child care, medicine and healthcare, journalism, law & human rights, building and innovation,  media and communication, micro-credit, Assisting in school, health and hygiene, and more.