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Social Work Internships for Students

Fast Facts of the Projects:


  • Location of Project: Bangalore city and the rural district of the state of Tamilnadu

  • Project Length: Minimum 4 weeks - Maximum 12 weeks

  • Arrival Airport: Bangalore International Airport

  • Types of projects: Physically and Mentally Challenged Care Homes, Orphanage Homes, Rehabilitation Centres, Remand Homes, Domestic Violence, Alcoholism, Child Abuse, and Family Matters

  • Age of women: 18 years to 65 years

  • Role: Providing emotional support and care for local women, youth and children while working alongside a trained supervisor

  • Start dates: Flexible

  • Number of Participants: Up to 15 international volunteers

  • Age: 17 years old and older

  • Age Exceptions: This project accepts volunteers who are 17 years old and younger with a letter of consent from a parent or guardian.

  • Visa: Must apply at least before 2-3 months advance, as Visa processing takes longer than expected time.

Project description:


For students working toward a social work degree, spending time with qualified social workers in a professional setting can be an important part of their academic career. A Kenosis projects abroad, internship will provide a platform for you to apply and enhance your knowledge in the field. All of our social work interns work under the guidance of professionals who provide services and support within local communities.


During your time abroad, you will encounter numerous challenging scenarios. These include domestic violence, alcoholism, child abuse, and family matters. Under the supervision of a local social worker or psychologist, you will listen, assess, and help local people to cope with or solve the challenges they face.


Across the developing world, we are partnered with local care facilities (orphanages, remand homes, street kids, rehabilitation centres, mentally and physically challenged children and elders, kindergartens, child care centres), hospitals, schools, and other organizations. We help with their development and goals by sharing our knowledge and resources and placing interns in programs where everyone can benefit from engaging with each other.

During a typical day, you will be expected to work for around six hours a day, Monday to Friday. You and your supervisor will agree on your working schedule during your first few days in India.


This project runs all year round and has flexible start dates so the choices of when you join and for how long depends on the time you have available. If you are only able to join us for the minimum duration of four weeks, we will ensure you get the most out of it.


This is an exciting way to fill internship requirements or get university credit for your degree or just to get professional experience before graduating.


Volunteer Tasks:


  • Assisting local staff with daily tasks

  • Helping with the general care of children living in orphanages

  • Sharing your knowledge with local staff to improve current practices

  • Creating and updating reports

  • Preparing and presenting workshop material for staff and the community

  • Promoting awareness of social challenges in India

  • Producing assessments of children and adults, under the supervision of a qualified professional

  • Raising awareness of social issues (joint family and its pressing issues, dowry system, child labour, child marriage, poverty, domestic violence etc) in local communities

  • Assessing the conditions and needs of the children and the people you work with

  • Sharing of counselling and therapy methods with local staff to improve current practices

  • Workshop and presentation preparation

  • Assisting your supervisor

  • Providing abused children with the care and attention they need

  • Assisting with general tasks such feeding and playing educational games

  • Providing stimulation for the children through basic education activities such as singing and arts and crafts

  • Assisting the local staff with the day-to-day care of the children

  • Playing with the children and observing their behaviour in and outside the play area

  • Give individual attention to the children with special needs who are learning alongside the other children

  • Assessing each child and identifying their strengths

  • Teach health and hygiene, use of health kits, prevent unwanted pregnancy, sexual health, and human anatomy, organize and facilitate workshops and training on communicable and non communicable diseases to staff and in the communities and local impoverished schools.




  • Anyone who wants to give back to society can participate in this program as a volunteer

  • Interns must be studying social work or a similar field at university, can participate for college credits or gain extra skills and experience for career building

  • You will also need to promote awareness and teach life skills like the importance of hygiene, self-discipline, and good communication

  • To communicate effectively with your colleagues and local people, you will need to speak basic location, languages (Kannada, Tamil and Hindi), if necessary only


Benefits of Internship volunteering:


  • Anyone can volunteer and gain experience to boost your future career purpose or can give back to society while you travel

  • You will be helping to make a measurable, long-term, and a positive difference in the country in which you work

  • You gain valuable practical experience and enhance your studies

  • You reach an understanding and respect for the cultural similarities and differences of the people you are helping in India

  • This experience will help you accumulate working hours, provide you with hands-on work, and ensures you are supervised by a qualified professional


More about your volunteering fee, what’s ‘included’ and ‘not included’ in your fee, please click here.


If you are inspired in any one of our projects, please apply now.


Any questions, please contact us at kenosisfoundation@yahoo.com