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Building and Renovation of Toilets in Disadvantaged Rural Communities, India.


PROJECT NAME: Health and Hygiene


GOAL: Construct toilets and improve sanitation facilities in their homes.



  • 88% of the 355 million menstruating women in India do not have access to basic Sanitary Napkins, especially in the rural villages.

  • India accounts for 27% of the world's cervical cancer deaths- because of poor menstrual hygiene.

  • 85% of adolescent girls in their families’ dropout of schooling due to lack sanitary stuff and skill of using biodegradable sanitary napkins.

  • Countless women drop out of the work force during their menstruation.

  • They are in drought prone areas, daily coolie labourers, earning less than a dollar a day to sustain their families.

  • Their finances are not adequate to access basic necessities like toilets in their homes.

  • No access to toilets, and they walk a long distances every dawn to resort to open defecation using the false privacy of nearby fields and surrounding shrubbery.

  • These unsanitary practices make them vulnerable to high risky infections and the lack of privacy exposes them to molestation or worse.

  • They fall ill often thus spending a significant portion of their earning spent on medical expenses each month and no savings possible.



  • Educate young girls and women about menstrual health and well-being by spreading awareness and provide sanitary napkins to avoid drop out from training's, schooling etc.

  • Enable the provision to stop drop out of adolescent girls from regular schooling and make them attend their course without drop out.

  • Thus they escape cervical cancer deaths and lead healthy life.

  • Each family gets 50% of grants at no or low interest to construct private toilets in their homes.

  • Trainings and capacity building campaigns organized in schools and communities to learn skills of using sanitary napkins, and prevent high risky infections and stop exposing them to molestation or worse.

  • Your contribution provides all families access to improved hygiene and a better way of life.



  • 350 women are in need of self owned toilet with a full grants supports and build toilets in their homes.

  • Each 30 women beneficiaries get grants every year and complete the construction of toilets in their homes

  • 5000 adolescent girls’ children get trained on use of biodegradable sanitary napkins and increase their knowledge of maintaining health and personal hygiene.

  • Established centres to distribute sanitary napkins to improve 100% of living and health status permanently.

  • Save on medical expenses and escape cervical cancer deaths and lead healthy life.  

  • subjects of girl children in school.

  • They will repay the loan amount on time to expand services to other newer groups.


PROJECT COSTS: US $ 9525 / EUR. 8,550  /INR. 6,37.500 funds required to support building 25 toilets in a year.


  • To construct one toilet cost = US $ 381  / EUR.342  /INR.  25,500

  • To  support  25 women and building a 25 toilets cost = US $ 9525 / EUR. 8,550  /INR. 6,37.500  .  


NOTE: the estimated costs include buying, and transportation of materials, installation of toilets and labour charges, and so on.



  • Prepare master plan for construction of beneficiary’s house and toilets.

  • Create awareness on sanitation, health and hygiene and build skills of using disposable pads.  

  • Create awareness among women and communities regarding violence against women and teenage girls, and

  • Organize summer and health camp.



  • Make a small contribution or donation in kind to build toilet for women beneficiaries.

  • Contribute to buy disposable sanitary pads.

  • Support a cost of organizing campaign and health education in schools and  communities.


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