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Psychology with Mental Health Counselling Internship and volunteering Projects in India

Program facts

Students and volunteers must apply for this program at least 1-2 months in advance so they may be given enough time for their visas to be processed. The host organization also needs sufficient time to organize and fix your project before you travel to India and provide good accommodation and supports while you are here with us. Once arriving in India, volunteers will fly into the Bangalore International Airport and may then be placed in Bangalore city, Karnataka or the rural district of Tamilnadu for their program.


The length of this project is a minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum of 12 weeks and can exten if you have times, in which volunteers or interns will assist local hospital staff, clinics, and doctors in their respect field of counselling and psychology projects. Interns will have great opportunities to organize and facilitate health camps in local communities. Your work hours will start on different shifts, at least 5 hours a day from Monday to Friday. The weekends are free, you can explore local tourist places and other parts of India. You can also go for yoga and meditation courses daily or weekends free hours. We will assit you find the yoga and meditation centers closer to your accommodation. This does not cover under your program fee. You need to pay extra fees and we will inform you in advance. When you apply for any of the programs, please mention in the application form if you are interested to attend any programs.

Description of project

You work within a multidisciplinary team consisting of differently specialised psychologists, such as a Chartered Forensic Psychologist and two trainee Counselling Psychologists, as well as a consultant psychiatrist, mental health nurses and support workers. The main aim of the psychological team here is to deliver effective therapy to mentally ill patients in order to make positive and lasting changes to patient’s lives. A variety of therapies are used with a heavy focus on DBT (dialect behavioural therapy) and Schema Therapy.


It has given a great insight into the world of mental health and allowed participants to work with a variety of different patients with a range of different and complex illnesses. You as a volunteer or interns will enjoy being part of such a well oiled team and been grateful for the opportunity to help improve patient care.


A typical day involves a morning meeting to discuss patient care plans, MDT meetings and incidents that may have occurred during the past week. Part of your job is to read patients' notes from a care note system and pull out any incidents or problematic behaviour that may have occurred during the week. Behavioural analysis reports are used by the Psychologists to shape their therapy sessions to suit the client’s needs. Another part of interns or volunteer job is to complete HCR20 forms with the patients in order to assess the risk the patient poses.

Volunteering or Interning with kenosis project abroad allow you to continue your interest and gain the essential knowledge need in order to pursue this career. Becoming a Psychologist will allow you to use the skills and knowledge you have learnt  during your project placement to help patients eventually move back out into the community and have a much better quality of life.  One of the most enjoyable things about volunteering and internshing in India with Kenosis & its partner is the excellent supportive lecturers and staff who are committed to seeing interns thrive and succeed in their future career life. You as a interns will have the everal opportunity to work with lecturers who specialise in such areas as diverse as mental health, social psychology and neuropsychology. Kenosis and its partner in India provides excellent support systems and resources that will help greatly throughout your first day of work until you complete your internship placement with us in India. You will feel come back to India as India considered a second home to everyone who have travelled  with Kenosis in the past.  All your timesheets, work hours and other records  to support your credit purpose will be maintained and offered , at the end of project.


You need additional information and questions to clarify, please contact us.

Volunteers Activities

  • As an intern, you work alongside experienced medical staff while they carry out their daily routine. Pre-med/nursing or those in first or second-year of medical/nursing school will primarily shadow the team. Medical and nursing students will have the opportunity to observe as well as assist the doctors and other medical clinic staff at their placements under the guidance of experienced researchers and Doctors. You will be given tasks according to your level of knowledge, skills and confidence. If you have experience, please bring a copy of your certifications.


  • The project tasks are mainly observational and shadow-based, unless you have the certification to do more. Your main role will be to work with and learn from local medical professionals in some or all areas of the centre, though you will usually work in the general medicine or OPD in the hospital.


  • To make the most out of your placement, it is very important to build trust with the local medical staff and respect India's methods of medical practice and treatment, as it may be very different from what you are used to in your home country.


Minimum Requirements

  • Updated CV / Resume in English

  • Must be 18 years old and up (if bellow 18, must get Concent letter from parent or guardiance)

  • Full travel & medical insurance

  • Immunizations (consult your doctor)

  • Qualification in respective field of studies

  • Sensitivity to differences in health & personal care

  • Good communicator and Passion for facilitating change

  • Must be a counselling, clinic and psychology specialist and medical and nursing student

  • Previous medical experience, pre-medical student, medical student or qualified nurse/doctor is an added credit to impact your life or lead a team or a project.

  • Credit students requested to submit the respective field of study certificate and letter from respective institute.

  • Language:  Intermediate level of English is a must. W can also organize English class, if you need

  • Motivation Letter: You will need to write a 400-500 word personal statement or motivation letter, which outlines why you want to intern with us and your plans for when you complete the internship.

  • Reference: You will also need to provide a reference – this can be an employer or character reference from your instuition

  • Volunteer do not really need qualification, previous experience, motivation letter and field of study certificate or references. If need, we would inform you in advance.


Benefits of volunteering

  • The placement offers the opportunity to see for real, rather than in theory, the experiences of people who suffer with mental health issues. From building relationships and seeing people in crisis, you will develop a more subjective understanding of the experiences of individuals with mental health conditions.

  • It gives great insight into the world of mental health in different health clinic and multispecialty hospital settings.

  • Able to meet and talk with many mental health professionals who have offered advice on your future career. You will also be offered the opportunity to work within the psychology department and on research projects.

  • You get exposed from toddler to adults, where you learn about the different relationship styles that are useful when working in this area, people’s attitudes and particularly antipathy develop towards individuals that self-harm and display challenging behaviour.

  • It will give me more options when you leave University, and enhance my understanding of the human mind and behaviour.

  • The field exposure allows you explore your learned information in classroom, and apply directly in the field, to learn valuable skills and develop professionally and make links with prospective employers, expertise and people directly.

  • You can also attend or help with events, showcase your work at conferences and be at the forefront of psychological research.

  • There’s also the Psychology Plus scheme or any other professional careers, when you go back to your home country.  This lets any volunteers and interns take short courses to enhance your knowledge and skill set to add to your CV.

  • Upon completion of your volunteering placement, we will support you with a certificate or a letter of work experience to boost your career life.

  • Weekends and on public or state holidays, we encourage you to travel and explore different parts of India, culture and people.


We try and place you as close to your accommodation or home as possible, and in the area you want to work. However, please be aware this may not always be possible. On placement you will be working as a student intern or volunteer, and will wear the uniform requested by local hospitals if its compulsory by the institute. You will work with your mentor to achieve the required Clinical , counselling and psychological Learning Outcomes. You are expected you to have a 24 hour experience of the clinical environment, so it is an expectation that you will engage with the different shift patterns, which will be oriented before you get into actual work schedule.


Any questions about our programs please contact us or write to us at kenosisfoundation@yahoo.com


Ready to join, and work with us in India, please apply now.