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"Educate, Empower, and Enable India"

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Orphanage and Old age home volunteering in India

Programs Facts

Volunteers must apply for this program at least 1-2 months in advance so they may be given enough time for their visas to be processed. Once arriving in India, volunteers will fly into the Bangalore International Airport and may then be placed in Bangalore city, Karnataka or the rural district of Tamilnadu for their program. The length of this project is a minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum of 12 weeks, in which volunteers will assist local staff in centers for children/adults with special needs, day care centers, orphanages, rehabilitation centers, and centers for street children, homes for the elderly and participate in other community work. Age of children from 6-18 years, you will find 35-40 children in the classrooms.  The age requirement for this program is 18-60 years of age, although, volunteers aged 17 and younger may be accepted with a letter of consent from a parent or legal guardian. Your working hours at the orphanages will start earlier as many children go to school from 9am to 4pm, Monday to Saturday. The weekends, public and state holidays are yours. Plan and enjoy your weekend trip.

Volunteering in orphanage and street children projects abroad, Bangalore City, India

Orphanages are a great place for you to utilize other skills or interests you might have. Arts & crafts, music, and dance are always popular activities and some orphanages have outside areas where sports and games can be played. Many volunteers also help to educate the children in personal hygiene and social skills.


As a volunteer in an orphanage abroad, you’ll be helping children to learn life-skills that parents would normally teach. Orphanages staffs are often overworked and unable to provide each individual child with attention. This is where our volunteers come in. By getting involved in the day-to-day running of an orphanage - making sure children are fed, have suitable clothing and access to bathroom facilities, and paying them personal attention, teach them basic English, computer and other subjects, getting them ready and accompany them to school, help staff in kitchen, make the orphanage house clean and tidy, mentoring one to one, helping them in their homework, organize games, evening hours enjoyable before they go to evening study, serving food and feeding little kids  and name few- you will be making a positive impact on their lives at the end of the day and make meaning to your presence.


It is important to keep in mind that all children are worthy of support and encouragement, not only those in orphanages. Children in care centres, kindergartens, and special needs clinics are just as in-need of volunteer support and your help will be appreciated no matter what type of placement you work in. In these placements, many of the children have been abandoned or have lost both their parents and need help to get the best start in life. Many of our orphanage placements have specific needs and if you have any skills or talents that may be useful then it is important to let us know.

Your main areas of work will vary depending on the age of the children you are working with. You may be feeding and generally looking after babies and toddlers, or you may be helping with homework, music, art, and sports. We encourage volunteers to try new activities and expand the range of games and ideas the children will encounter. Working closely with individual children and identifying their areas of strength is a very important part of your placement. At many placements, you will also need to promote awareness and teach life skills like the importance of hygiene, self-discipline, and good communication.


At some of the orphanages and care homes there is also a need for help with building and fixing up garden areas, buildings, and playgrounds. Volunteers were getting together regularly to work on such community projects, painting walls in the orphanages, creating a garden, or helping with clearing up and rebuilding.


If you keep us informed about your preferences, then we can match you to a suitable placement. Please note that your involvement in specific care activities can be dependent on your level of English and a few words in the local language, so please inform our local staff so they can find the most worthwhile and suitable placement for you as an individual.

Volunteering with the Elderly in Bangalore city, Karnataka state, India.

For volunteers with an interest in working with the elderly in Bangalore, Kenosis projects abroad offers placements in care homes for the elderly in Bangalore. Here, you will be able to help support the elderly by assisting with tasks such as dressing, feeding, cutting nails, going for walks, and organizing arts and craft activities.


Our Elderly Care placement in Bangalore cares for between 30 to 50 adults at a time, ranging from the ages of 65 to 95. Some of the patients suffer from Alzheimer’s and others cannot walk, so your help is desperately needed to improve their quality of life. You will also be able to make a huge difference just by offering your friendship and companionship. Many of the adults in your care will appreciate the time you spend with them and will enjoy chatting with you and exchanging stories.

Volunteer Work at Care Placements in rural district, Tamilnadu state, & Bangalore city, India.

In whichever volunteer care project in Bangalore and rural district of Tamilnadu state you find yourself, you need to be ready for a challenge. Many of the children are not used to having a routine and look forward to having planned activities, educational games, and help with their homework and daily chores. At some placements there are children who have psychological or physical health problems and who need a great deal of special attention and help with their day to day activities.


Volunteer tasks

  • Help to educate the children in personal hygiene and social skills.

  • promote awareness and teach life skills like the importance of hygiene, self-discipline, and good communication.

  • Getting involved in the day-to-day running of an orphanage.

  • Helping them with their homework, organize games, evening hours enjoyable before they go to evening study, serving food and feeding little kids.

  • Spend time with elderly and they will enjoy chatting with you and exchanging stories.

  • Help with building and fixing up garden areas, buildings, and playgrounds.


Basic Requirements

  • Enjoyment of working with children of all ages

  • Cultural sensitivity, humility & modesty, fun loving and caring

  • Open mind and flexible attitude for working in a new culture and environment.

  • Letter of consent from a parent or guardian (if under18)

  • Motivation to work with children, youth and/or women

  • Immunizations, travel and health insurance (please consult your local travel clinic)

  • Copy of your passport

  • Police clearance (if required only)


Benefits of volunteering

  • A trip to India and working with an orphanage will change your life. We invite you to experience first hand the miraculous work we do in the orphanages we support.

  • Assist the staff at the orphanages and childcare centers by helping with cleaning, meal preparation, and laundry

  • You’ll fall in love with the children, be inspired by their housemothers, meet their social workers, eat in their dining rooms and/or help them with an improvement project—it’s a powerful experience of a lifetime.

  • And when you travel to India and give the miracle of your presence, you tend to get an unexpected miracle in return.

  • We call our travelers “Ambassadors” because, by traveling with us, you have the honor and experience to speak on behalf of the children. We want everyone to know about them. As you spread the word about the children and our unique and impactful approach, you will inspire others to get involved as well.

  • Weekends and general state public holidays and festivals, explore other parts of states and India.


Please contact us, if you have any questions or concerns in regards to our volunteer projects in India, we will respond as soon as possible!


Apply now if you are ready to join us and volunteer in India!