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"Educate, Empower, and Enable India"

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Microfinance and Microcredit Projects Abroad

Fast Facts of the Projects


  • Location of Project: Bangalore city and the rural district of the state of Tamilnadu

  • Project Length: Minimum 2 week - Maximum 12 weeks

  • Arrival Airport: Bangalore International Airport

  • Types of projects:  Micro-finance, Microcredit, and Creating Self-owned Business among Women, Self-help Groups, and Young Women’s Association

  • Age of women: 18 years old to 65 years old

  • Role: you will work with local entrepreneurs and help them build a profitable and sustainable small business by giving them training in basic business accounting

  • Start dates: Flexible

  • Number of Participants: Up to 15 international volunteers

  • Age: 18 years old and older

  • Age Exceptions: This project accepts volunteers who are 17 years old and younger with a letter of consent from a parent or guardian.

  • Visa: Must apply at least 2-3 months advance, as Visa processing takes longer than expected time.

Project Description: 


The microfinance projects run throughout the year, so you may join us at any time. You do not need any prior experience, but it is important that you have an interest in this area. It is also important that you should be flexible, communicate well, and be willing to learn. It would also be useful for you to take an additional microfinance or microcredit or business course to develop your skills, either before or during the project. You may also want to take a course so that you become familiar with the local Tamil language which is widely spoken in the communities you will be working with. However, the local language is not a necessity as you will learn quickly from the local people.


There are many vulnerable groups in India, who are seeking a way to empower themselves. Kenosis projects are targeting specific disadvantaged and underprivileged groups in need of help. Kenosis provides funding and training to give these individuals the skills and financial help needed to start a business. Small scale entrepreneurship will enable them to secure a sustainable future for themselves.


This microfinance project in rural district of India aims to provide vulnerable individuals and groups with small commission and interest-free loans. Over time and with guidance, they will reimburse these loans. Following complete reimbursement, new candidates will then be selected.


As an intern, your role is crucial. You will help provide successful applicants with training in basic business accounting and general guidance that will help them build a profitable and (most importantly) sustainable business. You will work alongside the microfinance or microcredit officer. On a daily basis, you will be involved in a wide variety of tasks.  


If you think you would be able to help by focusing on a particular area, please let us know when you apply.


Volunteer Tasks:


  • Review loan applications and meet beneficiaries

  • Assist beneficiaries in preparing a basic business plan with supporting marketing tools

  • Monitor, mentor, and track business progress of individuals and groups

  • Conduct workshops for entrepreneurs

  • Provide general business guidance and support

  • Reading through business plans

  • Developing marketing strategies

  • Managing loan accounts

  • Monitoring the targeted individuals and groups who have already received loans

  • Conducting weekly workshops

  • Providing general business guidance and support




  • Anyone with significant business qualifications or skills is welcome on this project as well - local entrepreneurs will appreciate having the benefit of your knowledge and experience!

  • At least 6 months to 1 year of experience or training in the business or management field is an added credit to our projects


Benefits Of Volunteering:


  • This project is a great chance for you to add useful new skills to your resume and gain an insight into the challenges entrepreneurs face on a daily basis in developing countries

  • You will observe how micro-credit can help disadvantaged people find their way out of poverty and become self-supporting and independent

  • You will spend time in a completely new environment, learning about a different culture and way of life

  • You are able to deeply connect with the people you train because you support them from beginning to end-- the huge hearts of the people you encounter will make your time here unforgettable

  • Travel across India and explore a different cultures, communities, people and spirituality of ancient India

  • Build your skills and boost your professional life by adding this experience to your CV with a certificate or a letter of work experience offered at the end of the volunteering with us.


More about your volunteering fee, what’s ‘included’ and ‘not included’ in your fee, please click here.


If you are inspired in any one of our projects, please apply now.


Any questions, please contact us at kenosisfoundation@yahoo.com