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Microcredit for Rural Women Self Help Groups, India.

PROJECT NAME: Micro-credit / Livelihood Projects


GOAL: Help start or expand a micro-credit program for 150 rural women with a sustainable livelihood.



  • In most of these areas are in a drought prone and people rely on monsoon rain to cultivate from the agricultural field.

  • Women, face a range of societal ills that puts them at a distinct disadvantage, although women are the breadwinner of the whole family.

  • 89% of the inhabitants living below the poverty line in these areas.

  • Women are affected the most by poverty due to their role in the family.

  • They are in the front line dealing with the impact of poverty.

  • When there is no money to buy medicine for a sick child or buy food for the children, the mother is often the person to find ways and means to alleviate the problems.

  • They are forced to migrate into towns to get engaged in road works, construction site, rag picking, and scavenging to survive on relief food.

  • Lack of confidence, business experience and lack of information on existing opportunities to access funds continue to hold many women back.



  • Support 150 women to form savings and loan group, consist of 10 members in each group selected by the women.

  • We will provide seed funding and training for artisans and entrepreneurs, help them access markets and trading associations.

  • Training  provided in the area of goat farming, organic manure, dairy, stitching, art of handicraft, arts for increasing their self-confidence level, livelihood growth and empowerment.

  • The initial seed capital provided at no or low interest to start or expand their self business;

  • To help them access markets and trading associations.



  • Women are empowered to become self-reliant and self-sustaining.

  • 150 rural widow and poor women will direct benefit to start their own businesses in rural areas.

  • Regular incomes repay their loans to the organization and pay their debts taken from local moneylenders.

  • Sustainable business and its income helps living and health status improved permanently.

  • Enables ability to form business networks among women and access to support systems and safety nets.

  • The number of women, who are living below the poverty line, will be reduced to at least 85%.

  • Gives them the financial independence and manage their money.

  • Ability to save or increase monthly income and plan their children’s future education.

  • 100% of the contribution to the beneficiary paid as interest free loan. The amount collected over 2 years is utilized to support 25 more beneficiaries every year.


PROJECT COSTS: US $ 9325 / EUR. 8,375  /INR. 6,25.500  to support 25 woman in a year.


  • To help a woman to buy one milking cow or establish self employment  or self business cost  = US $ 373  / EUR.335  /INR.  25,000

  • To  support  25 women and building a 25 toilets cost = US $ 9325 / EUR. 8,375  /INR. 6,25.500  


NOTE: the estimated costs include buying, and transportation of provision food materials, grocery things,  or buy  milking cow



  • Teach self business and entrepreneurships skills.  

  • Teach English, Computer and IT skills.

  • Help them with accounting skills, book and record keeping.  

  • Assist in counting money, deposit their collection of savings and loans in the local cooperative bank.

  • Teach them manage their income and monthly expenses and so on.



  • Contribute or lend a small donation to women to start or expand self business.

  • Supply of health kits, sanitary napkins  and heatlh education supplies.

  • Support them to meet the costs of installation of toilets in their homes.


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