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Essential Eligibility Criteria for all participants of residence across world.

Through community service, adventure travel, language study, home stays, and authentic cultural exchange our students receive insight into themselves while cultivating a sense of love and understanding for the areas in which they are travelling and the people with whom they interact. Kenosis Foundation (KF)’s programs are designed to be challenging mentally, physically, and emotionally. These EEC are intended to help potential participants understand what to expect and what will be expected of them if they are accepted into the Kenosis Foundation (KF) Program.


To be clear, Kenosis Projects Abroad(KPA) Education is an experiential education program. It is not a therapeutic program or a program for adjudicated youth. Kenosis Projects Abroad (KPA) Education is unable to accept students who require a therapeutic program or other services that are beyond the scope of practice of our staff.


These essential eligibility criteria (EEC) do not encompass everything that might be expected of potential program participants. Rather, they are intended to serve as a starting point for potential participants. Potential participants, parents, and educational counsellors should read these criteria carefully and consider whether the KPA Program is right for them. The KPA  Education reserves the right to not accept any student (and, if necessary, remove a student from the field) that we feel do not meet these criteria. The Kenosis Foundation is not a company,which works on profit making. We are a not for profit and charity based organization,which relies on international volunteers. So, the volunteers must pay for their entire cost of programs. Click here program costs and Info to know about our prices for all international participants.




All participants must:

  • Abide by Kenosis Foundation (KF) Education’s Sacred 6 policies.

  • Treat with respect all members of the group, local contacts, and others, they encounter while travelling regardless of race, gender, age, sexual identity, and religion.

  • Take responsibility for and manage their health and well being independently, including but not limited to; hydration, general nutrition, environmental protections, and mobility.

  • Listen to and respond quickly to oral instructions given by their Overseas Educators (“OEs”) in India.

  • Be able to go three months without having access to personal Wi-Fi devices and regular communication with those outside of the program.

  • Be willing to follow ethical travel practices such as minimizing waste and environmental footprint, buying locally, abiding by cultural norms such as dress and behaviour, and make an eort to learn and practice the local language.

  • Be responsible and capable for the management, administration, and security of a sucient supply of all prescription medications needed for the duration of the program.

  • Under no circumstance, share, offer, or sell any prescription medications.




All participants must:

  • Be able to travel for periods of up to two weeks in a physically exhausting, remote, back country environment.

  • Be able to carry all of their own gear on their back for up to 200 yards at any given time.

  • Be able to complete a moderate uphill hike with a day pack weighing from 5 – 20 pounds.

  • Be able to share living and sleeping space with other students, occasionally on a dierent sex, gender, and/or sexual orientation.

  • Discuss any medical issues that arise with their OEs.

  • Disclose any physical limitations or health concerns that would impact their ability to fully    participate in the program.




All participants must:

  • Be able to participate in group meetings where they will practice active listening and openly express their thoughts, feelings, and emotions to others.

  • Be able to consciously reflect with the group on the experiences they were through oral and written prompts given to them by their OEs.

  • Communicate openly and honestly with their peers, OEs, and local contacts.

  • Commit to creating a safe environment for all students and not, in any circumstance, threatens others physically or verbally.

  • Cope with the stresses brought upon by travelling for three months with a small group of peers in countries that are drastically dierent from the students’ home environments.

  • Be able to discuss and manage social and emotional issues that may arise on program with the OEs.


Mental Health


All participants must:

  • Fully disclose mental health history and learning disabilities during the application process.

  • If requested, provide a reference from a mental health professional to help identify a student’s ability to meet the Essential Eligibility Criteria.

  • Be able to go the duration of the program without regular professional and/or therapeutic support.


If you are ready and decided, please Apply now. 


Any questions, email us at kenosisfoundation@yahoo.com