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"Educate, Empower, and Enable India"

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Education Scholarship for Girl Children of Tribal Areas, India

PROJECT NAME: Girl Child / Education


GOAL:  Help and educate an underprivileged child to stand on their own feet.



  • Literacy is the primary building block for poverty reduction and human development.

  • It provides a window of opportunity for effective social and economic growth.

  • In most of these underdeveloped rural areas are very backward. The literacy rate of girls over 15 years of age is as low as 8% in most of these areas

  • Impoverished children must not be forced into being domestic servants and slave laborers; or be trapped into illicit activities.

  • Many parents can't even afford pens or pencils.



  • Girls who have either never been to school, underprivileged, or have dropped out of school.  

  • Provide high quality, relevant education through learning centres.

  • Increase access and encourage enrolment to basic primary education, through community mobilization, for all girl children not in school.

  • Make learning joyful to improve 100% performance in their subjects.

  • Encourage enrollment and provide access to primary education.

  • Provide primary and higher education supplies (uniform, school fees, books, bus transportation, notebooks, pen, pencil, stationery, etc.)

  • Provide health and hygiene materials and improve the health status of adolescent girls.

  • Encourage and enable each girl to become an independent thinker and self learner.



  • 100% of girls enrolled in regular schools and eradicate illiteracy.

  • Improved student attendance and stop 100% or reduced dropout rate.

  • Increased parental participation to stop child labor.  

  • Provided higher education and employment skills training.

  • Establish training centres to enrol more girl children, which will result in higher schooling and skills development

  • Improved delayed or reduced child marriages.

  • Increased student attendance, reduce drop-out rate and increased parent participation

  • Training to teachers to make a school child friendly.

  • Continued to mentor and performance monitoring.


PROJECT COSTS: US $. 9, 000 / EUR. 8,000 / INR. 6, 00, 000 to support  50 children in a year.


  • To sponsor one child cost for a year = US $ 180 / EUR. 160/ INR. 12,000

  • To support 50 children in a year cost = US $. 9, 000 / EUR. 8,000 / INR. 6, 00, 000


NOTE: the sponsorship helps pay school fees,  buy uniforms, not books, text books, local bus transportation,  pen, pencil, other stationery, footwear, health and summer camp and coaching class.



  • Teach English and other subjects.

  • Teach Computer and IT skills with fluency in English.

  • Tutor and coach 10th to 12th grade students in schools.

  • Assist teachers in schools and evening tuition centres.  

  • Conduct and organize health and Hygiene awareness activities.  



  • Adopt a child to sponsor ongoing and higher education.

  • Contribute to meet the cost of school education supplies.

  • Gift games, toys, unused dress materials, and toiletries.

  • Donate books to library.

  • Gift a computer or printer with scanning facilities.


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