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"Educate, Empower, and Enable India"

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What documents required to submit?


  • All your documents are very important for us while you are with us in India to give more safety for you and the host organization in India.

  • Documents will be useful at the time of registering with the local tourism department in Bangalore, India.

  • The participant document section: 1 is very important at the time of screening your ELIGIBILITY to confirm your participation with us.

  • The Participant Document Section: 2  followed with the Participant Document Section: 1 and it's so important to us to meet the terms and conditions of the Host organization.

  • The documents from referrals and emergency contact person, is very important to meet backend supports.

  • If you do not have or find difficulties to get us all of those documents mentioned here, do not get panic, you better contact us, we will assit you.

  • All the documents must be signed, scanned and then send to our head office, Bangalore, India  through email at kenosisfoundation@yahoo.com

  • Keep always  2 sets of photocopy, it might be useful at any times while you are on travel

  • Original documents should be  shown to us, when you arrive India for further check.



It’s an eligibility process. Where you will be screened and receive email to confirm your participation with us. The following documents are essential, while we screen your application form and then to confirm your placement with us. Unless and until we received the following documents, we will not start screening your documents to participate in the programs with us in India.


  • Updated CV in English

  • Photocopy of your Passport

  • Age Proof

  • ID proof

  • Address Proof

  • High school or Higher Secondary Mark Certificate

  • Degree Certificate (latest)



After you received confirmation of your participation with us,  you need to get the following documents and sent to us at the earliest.


  • VISA

  • Flight Confirmed Tickets

  • Health & Travel Insurance

  • Police clearance certificate

  • Motivation Letter

  • Referral letter

  • An Initial Volunteer Request / Inquiry letter

  • Volunteer Final confirmation letter (by participants



The host organization  will send the following documents, which you as a volunteer must complete with all details and send to us.


  • Travel Tour Itinerary (TTI)

  • Confirmation Letter from Local Host Organization



It’s a must to help us with the following documents.


  • Passport

  • ID proof

  • Address proof



It’s a must to help us with the following documents.


  • Letter from respective institution or person

  • Passport

  • ID proof

  • Address proof



Any questions, please contact us  or send us email at kenosisfoundation@yahoo.com


Within 24 hours, to 2 working days, you will get response immediately from us.