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"Educate, Empower, and Enable India"

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Help us to establish a computer skill training center in Rural Areas, India

PROJECT NAME: IT and Computer Skills.


CAUSE: Children & Youth / Education


PROJECT LOCATION: Yes, we have plans, we need 30 computers to start at least 3 centers to support above 2500 children and youths of 18 rural communities.


GOAL: Establish Computer centre and equip underprivileged rural children and youths through English, Computer literacy and IT skills.



  • The Census of India 2013 projects that the working age group will constitute up to 64% of India's population by 2021.  The bulk of this increase is likely to be in the younger age group of 18-35 years.

  • Rural areas do not have access to technology, so students, teachers and community members lack access to computer skills and critical information.

  • Computer training is typically available at commercial institutions  and not in schools, at a price that is beyond their reach.

  • The students and youths do not have free access to computers or computer training.

  • Thousands of at-risk youths and young adults in rural areas if Tamilnadu state  have never  touched or seen and used a computer.

  • The unemployed rural youth and women of Dalits and Backward caste hailing from  Krishnagiri areas are unable to secure jobs due to lack of economical or traditional reasons and the 98% absence of employable skills.

  • The under skilled and unemployed youths has led to widespread social evils such as child marriage, drugs, crime, etc. as the hunger for opportunity is vast while the needs and dreams are unmet.



  • Establish computer skills training center to provide vocational skills for underprivileged children, unemployed and unskilled youths.

  • Empower above 1200 children  from 28 villages every year, imparting basic Computer and other IT skills.

  • There is a growing demand for computer education and information technology among the poor rural districts of Tamilnadu state.

  • Encourage the youth to participate  and get the skill- based training program locally on demand.

  • Improve youth employability with many taking up jobs or setting up their own businesses.

  • Provide a learning environment with access to computer equipment, office applications and the Internet and gain the needed computer skills for success.

  • Ability to secure better jobs with full time salary in business sectors.



  • Along with computer training they are being imparted skill in spoken English.

  • Helped the adolescent girls to delay their marriage and further educated.

  • Enhanced Self confidence in Rural girls and youths.

  • Above 1200 underprivileged children get benefited directly

  • 700  unemployed and unskilled school dropout youths get trained every year.

  • 100% full time salaried jobs guaranteed with certificates at the end of the courses.

  • Improved status of teenage girls after employment & support family income.

  • Empowered  school dropouts and to raise out of poverty and vulnerabilities, and live life with dignity enabling well-being.


PROJECT COSTS:  US $ 9,950 / EUO. 8840 / GBP. 7650 / INR. 6,60,000  to establish one computer center in the village


  • Number of computer centres = 3

  • Computer Equipments required = 30

  • Number of villages Covered = 18

  • Target number of beneficiary children = 1200 above

  • Target number of youths beneficiaries = 700 above

  • To buy ONE computer cost about= US $ 330  / EURO 295 / GBP. 255 / INR. 22,000 /  only

  • To buy 30 computers cost about = US $ 9,950 / EURO. 8,840. / GBP. 7650 / INR. 6,60,000 only


NOTE: the estimated costs include  buying  30 computers and accessories (Core 2 Duo, 945 Motherboard, 2GB DDR2 RAM, 160GB SATA HDD, NO DVD RW, 20" Monitor Assembled Desktop), tables, chairs,  transportation of goods and assembling computers in 3 computer center in villages.



  • Teach Basic English to read and speak

  • Teach computer and IT skills

  • Coach and mentor 10th, 11th & 12th grade in local rural schools

  • Assist teachers in schools

  • Teach about your culture and lifestyle to adolescent girl children

  • Conduct health and hygiene, reproductive and sexuality, skill of using biodegradable napkins for adolescent girls in schools, and young women in rural areas.

  • Coordinate and facilitate employment skills training, mentoring, coaching, CV making and placement of jobs with local recruiting business sectors.

  • Organize health, summer / fire camp.

  • Teach them employment skills, career guidance and job search tips.

  • Coordinate and network with local companies to place the trainees.



  • Help us with small contribution to buy at least 5 computers to support one center in a village.

  • Gift a computer and add on to existing numbers to benefit many more rural children .

  • Help us to set up computer center infrastructure in the rural areas.


More details, visit projects abroad opportunities, volunteer placement cost & info, terms and conditions, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), online application form, and other details.


If you are ready and decided, apply now.


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