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"Educate, Empower, and Enable India"

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Volunteer in Child Care Work Projects Abroad

Care volunteers in India work at orphanages, care homes, centers for street children, and special needs centers for children with disabilities in Bangalore urban or rural district of Tamilnadu state. In most cases volunteers stay in accommodation at the care placement where they are working or host families. This gives you the opportunity to get involved with the children throughout the whole day.


As a volunteer, you will find yourself living and working in an extremely complex country. Although India is one of the largest and fastest growing economies in the world, poverty is widespread and many communities suffer as a result. Volunteer efforts can have a significant impact on the lives of disadvantaged people, and our projects and internships are available for anyone interested in volunteering abroad in the developing world. You can volunteer, whether you are on a gap year, a summer vacation, or a career break.


With a strong IT sector and an active space program, India is sometimes spoken of as an emerging superpower. On the other hand, endemic poverty persists. India ranks 127th in the UN human development index, has the largest number of undernourished people of any country in the world, and four-fifths of the population live on less than two dollars a day. However, its standard of living is expected to rise sharply in the 21st century. The national literacy rate is rising too, and is currently at 64.4%, although women lag far behind men.


Kenosis in India has its office in Bangalore, India, where there is a great deal that can be done to help people. Volunteers can get involved with several different service projects and internships, including helping care for children in orphanages or teaching English and other subjects in schools.

Programs Facts:

Volunteers must apply for this program at least 1-2 months in advance so they may be given enough time for their visas to be processed. Once arriving in India, volunteers will fly into the Bangalore International Airport and may then be placed in Bangalore city, Karnataka or the town of Hosur (25 kms from Bangalore) or rural district of Tamilnadu (85 kms from Bangalore) for their program. The length of this project is a minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum of 12 weeks, in which volunteers will assist local staff in Centers for children/adults with special needs, day care centers, orphanages, rehabilitation centers, centers for street children, homes for the elderly and participate in other community work. Age of children from 0-21 years, you will find the number of children from 15-80 children cared for.  Your tole as volunteer work on achieving the goals set out in the Care Management Plan, including running educational games and group activities, staff training, and providing emotional support.


As a child Care volunteer in India with Kenosis, you will have an important role to play in the lives of disadvantaged children. We welcome volunteers of all ages and skill levels, whether you are a gap year student, a career breaker looking to gain some experience in development work, or a trained professional offering us the benefit of your experience. As a volunteer, we only require that you are willing to work hard and are committed to the children in your care.

Volunteering in Orphanages and Care Homes in India

Care volunteers in India have the option of working in orphanages and homes for children in temporary care. The children in these placements are aged from 0-18. For the younger children, there is often a nursery attached to the home where you can help or you could even go with the children to school and help teach some English. When the older children come home at 4.30pm, you can help with their homework or organize games and activities for them before dinner.


In many cases, your day will begin early when you will help the children get ready for school. You might have the middle of the day free or you may want to stay on to help local staff with other tasks around the home.


Some care homes are more inclusive in their approach, teaching both life skills and handcrafts to the older children. If you have any skills in art, crafts, sports, or even gardening, you will be a great help in improving their children’s skills and social abilities. Interaction, friendship, and support are the most important things you will need to be able to offer the children we work with.

Volunteering with Special Needs Children in India

Kenosis volunteers in India have the opportunity to work with children who have health problems or who require special attention due to disabilities. These placements can be demanding and volunteers need to be prepared for a challenge. By giving these children all the help, love, and attention they desperately need, volunteers can help improve the quality of children’s lives and make a positive contribution to the community. If you would like to work with children with special needs, please let us know when you apply.

Volunteering at a daycare, Kindergarden and play homes in India

Twice a month Care, Teaching, and Sports volunteers join forces to serve the community in Bangalore or rural district of Tamilnadu state. The teams work together to tackle a variety of community issues, for example the setting up of a library, the creation of learning tools, or participation in local sporting events. Volunteers are welcome to suggest other ways in which they would like to help. Monthly workshops, support volunteers and provide training related to their work at placements.


This project is available for less than a month if you don't have time to join us for a month or more. This project has been selected by our local colleagues as being suitable for shorter durations for both the host community and the volunteer. Although you will gain valuable cultural insight and work intensely within the local community,  please be aware that you may not be able to make the same impact as someone participating for a long period.

Volunteer Tasks

  • Your main areas of work will vary depending on the age of the children you are working in.

  • You can help out with various activities, from improving literacy, to playing games.

  • You may be feeding and generally looking after babies and toddlers, or you may be helping with homework, music, art, and sports.

  • We encourage volunteers to try new activities and expand the range of games and ideas the children will encounter.

  • You can be working closely with individual children and identifying their areas of strength is a very important part of your placement.

  • At many placements, you will also need to promote awareness and teach life skills like the importance of hygiene, self-discipline, and good communication.

  • You can make a positive impact on their lives by playing games, singing songs, teaching, doing simple arts and crafts, teaching hygiene skills, and more.

  • If you are a good dancer, yoga fanatic, or have other artistic talents please let us know.


Program Requirements

  • The age requirement for this program is 18-65 years of age, although, volunteers aged 17 and younger may be accepted with a letter of consent from a parent or legal guardian.

  • You should be fluent or intermediate level of speaking in English.

  • You also need to have an open mind and flexible attitude for working in a new culture and environment.

  • Interns taking part in the program to be fluent in written and spoken English, if you are looking for internship in teaching for credit purpose.


Benefits of Volunteering

  • Explore new  skills that can work among children and boost your CV to add on to your professional skills

  • Increase in confidence and feelings of self-worth, as well as a route to employment, education or training.

  • Volunteers increase use of and reach of children's centers and provide positive role models for the community and local staff.

  • Help to break down any stigma of using the children's center, widen participation and become a community resource by creating new relationships between people.

  • Volunteers enhance the children's centre environment, whether it is the result of supporting staff to work with more parents or in strengthening links with the local community.

  • Volunteers bring extra capacity and provide an informal reassuring presence for families using children's centers.

  • You act as role models to the local community, and contribute unique skills and experience as well as bringing practical support and providing a pastoral role to families.

  • Gain confidence, make a lasting difference, meet different kinds of people and make new friends volunteering  from different countries.

  • Be part of a community, learn new skills, take on a challenge and have fun!


Please contact us, if you have any questions or concerns in regards to our volunteer projects in India, we will respond as soon as possible!


 Apply now if you are ready to join us and volunteer in India!